Use Workplace Chat in the Workplace mobile app

Workplace is currently testing this feature, and organizations need to opt in to access it. This feature is available for the mobile phone app but not the tablet app.
You can use chat features in the Workplace app on your phone if you do not already have the Workplace Chat app installed.
Chat in the Workplace mobile app has many of the same features as the Workplace Chat mobile app. One key difference is that you can’t make or join audio or video calls using the Workplace app, but you can in the Workplace Chat app.
Currently, your system admin needs to opt in your organization for you to be able to use Workplace Chat in the Workplace mobile app.
How do I opt in?
You need to be a system admin to opt into this test before global release.
To opt in:
  1. Click Admin Panel in the left menu on Workplace.
  2. Click What’s New towards the top of the menu.
  3. Click Manage Open Beta in the Chat now available in the Workplace app box.
  4. Choose who will have access to this feature. Your options are:
    • No one
    • Only admins with permission to manage early access
    • Everyone in your Workplace
  5. Click Save Changes.
Chat in the Workplace mobile app will be available to affected employees within a few days. It will only be rolled out to employees who have the Workplace app but not the Workplace Chat app.
If you have deleted the Workplace Chat app but you don’t see chat features in the Workplace app, try closing and reopening your Workplace app 3-4 times.
How do I find and use Workplace chat in the Workplace mobile app?
Open your Workplace mobile app and tap:
  • Chats on Android.
  • Chats on iPhone.
Then, we recommend reading Chat Basics for the best possible experience.
You will receive chat notifications in the Workplace app. If you don't want this, you can adjust your notification settings.
How do I share feedback?
During the test of this feature, you may receive a survey in the Workplace app for you to share your feedback.
You can also report a bug.
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